3 ways to use name numerology calculator

What is a Name Numerology Calculator?

What is it that we can learn from a name numerology calculator?  It’s a question that many people are dying to know the answer to.

To answer it, we must start with the history of numerology.  The principle behind it is that everything in our universe is based on numbers.  Your life is based on numbers.  You were born on a  day, which is represented by numbers.  You die on a  day, which is, you guessed it, represented by numbers.  Everything in your world, everything in  your universe is significantly affected by numbers.  Time, dates, money, clothing sizes, food amounts, all represented and controlled by numbers.  Numerology is the study of these important figures in your life.

Numerology combines the name of a person and the date they were born.  Using specific calculations, the calculator can break down the persons history, emotions, and life path.  You might be wondering how this could possibly work.  I was skeptical myself.  Every single letter is represented by a number and when combined with the numbers from your date of birth, create a vibration in the universe that is measurable and significant.

Many use name numerology calculators to determine their course of action on the earth. Others use it to determine the career that is best for them, some use name numerology calculator to check the compatibility and success rate of their relationships. Find out how to calculate the success of your relationship using this Love numerology calculator article here.

There are two main focuses when using a name numerology calculator, the Life Path Number and the Destiny Number. I will break the two down in greater detail.

Life path number numerology calculator

You arrive at your Life Path Number using your date of birth.  Using a specific formulae  which I will detail below,

Watch the following video to learn how to calculate your life path number or you can skip and read the text.

VIDEO – How to use the numerology calculator

Text calculation

First, we will assign each of the months to the following numbers

  • January – 01
  • February – 02
  • March – 03
  • April – 04
  • May – 05
  • June – 06
  • July – 07
  • August – 08
  • September – 09
  • October – 10
  • November – 11
  • December – 12

Secondly, we will calculate the month, day, and year separately.

Example 1 – single month numbers

Take my birthday for example.  February 20, 1988

starting with the month

February – 02

so we’ll add both figures


secondly, we’ll sum up the day


we’ll add both numbers

0+2 = 2

Next, we’ll add up the year


hence 1+9+8+8 =26

the goal is to reduce it to a single number so we’ll add up the result again

2+6 = 8

Kudos for coming this far

next, we’ll sum up all our result from totals we got for the month,day and year

2+2+8 = 12

remember the goal is to reduce the numbers to a single digit

hence 1+2 = 3

My life path number is 3

Example 2 –  Two month numbers

Lets take another example using a 2 month digit

the birthday in this example is October 21,1990

starting with the month

October – 10

so we’ll add both figures

1+0 = 1

secondly, we’ll sum up the day


we’ll add both numbers

2+1 = 3

Next, we’ll add up the year


hence 1+9+9+0 =19

the goal is to reduce it to a single number so we’ll add up the result again

1+9 = 10

we’ll reduce this further

1+0 = 1

we’ll sum up all the final values for the month,day and year

1+3+1 = 5

Hence the life path number is 5

Example 3 – Master numbers

Well look at a final example where we have a master number. The two number numbers in numerology calculations is 11 and 22

In the this example, we’ll use the birthday November 29, 2001

November – 11

because 11 is a master number, we will not reduce further

we’ll the sum up the day


we’ll add both numbers

2+9 = 11

Well not reduce further . I’m sure you know why

We’ll calculate for the year


hence 2+0+0+1 =3

we’ll sum up all the final values for the month,day and year

11+11+3 = 25

well reduce further

2+5 = 7

Hence the life path number is 7

What does my life path number mean?

Life path 1 – The number one is the number of singularity, dominance, skill and will power.

Life path  2 – This number signifies duality, cooperation, emotion, intuition, diplomacy and secrecy.

Life path  3 – It is a number of creation, expression, love, affection and family life

Life path  4 – Four is a number that stands for stability, a methodical nature, discipline, intellectual capability and balance.

Life path  5 – This number means communication, new experiences, travel, change and freedom.

Life path 6 – It is the number of harmony, community relations, and reward of hard work, beauty and rhythm.

Life path 7 – It is the number which signifies culture, invention, intellectual, responsibility and philosophy.

Life path 8 – This number is for balance, change, transformation and endurance.

Life path 9 – It is a number that means energy, quarrels, enthusiasm, war and aggression.

Get a more detailed numerology from a master numerologist here.


I hope this article has been very helpful to you in calculation your life path and knowing what that means to you.

Numerology is a very interesting field of science. You can learn more about it online or with a master numerologist

Feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. Cheers.

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